Radio ads
The best radio ads at the best price
We offer you a fast, simple and effective radio ads service
You just have to order your radio ad and send us your script
If you do not have a script, we will create it

Radio Ads

The best radio ads at the best price

We offer you a fast, simple and effective radio ads service

You just have to order your radio ad and send us your script

If you do not have a script, we will create it

What we offer?
We create your radio or television advertisement in record time.
Up to 30´´, license for radio, TV or Internet, and production for only € 50.00.
If you also want it with music.
Advertising creativity
Don't have a script?.
When placing your order, indicate that you want us to do it for you.
You must also select whether you want music or not. We make it easy for you!
If you want another online announcer, another language, or another type of larger voice (audiobook production, e- learning) contact us and we will give you a quote
Our Voice
Our corporate announcer is faster and more professional than anyone. We have a large bank with the best voices, with collaborators in a multiple languages, but if you want a cheap, fast and high-impact radio ad, this is our leading corporate voice.
How to request a radio ad with Free Music Projects?

After 10 years making radio ads, there are many clients who ask us for help and advice when it comes to producing advertising spots. In most cases these are agencies, or companies that have never carried out a radio campaign and are somewhat disoriented in creating what will be their future advertisement.

Factors such as the duration of the announcement, the amount of text to enter, the speed of the speech, the number of voices used, the structure of the script, using music or not, resorting to sound effects… There are many factors that influence the result end of radio ads, and none more important than another. We will combine all the possible variables of these factors so that the final result adapts in the best way to our brand, product, service or event that we are going to announce.

There are different types of radio ads. Here are some examples of radio ads: it is not the same to make a radio spot to announce a nightclub event than it is to do an ad to announce the seasonal fruit of a specific region. In the first case, we will use music that characterizes that disco or event, we will introduce many sound effects and a relatively high speed in the speech. In the second case we will use melodic music with higher scales, an average speed in the speech and we will not use excess effects…

Tips for creating Ads

Here we list some of the advice we usually tell our clients to take into account in all their advertising campaigns using radio spots.

Take care of the amount of text of the advertising spot. It will be preferable to sin by default than by excess, since it is better to give air to the advertisement and take advantage of the spaces with sound elements, than not having locutions at 220 km/h. Let's not forget that the important thing is communication.

Repeat the name of the brand or product on the radio spot several times. If the ad duration is 20 seconds (standard duration), we will try to repeat the name of the ad subject at least three times.

The choice of music for your advertising. Unless it is a corporate tune, leave the choice of music in the hands of the professional who is going to perform the radio spots, as there are times when some songs, for different technical reasons, are not the best option for a certain ads. Also take into account the fact that music is music free of rights, so you won’t have to pay Advertising licenses for the use of music. The copyright, in this case, will be paid by the broadcasters.

Originality of the radio ad. We will need to stir the listener's attention in some way for the ad to be successful, so we will try to insert some original element into the ad. We can look for originality in the script, in the music, in the production…

Silence: our great ally in advertising. The radio is a constant source of sound emission, so playing with silences in our advertising spot will powerfully draw the listener's attention. It is a very useful resource at times and should be kept in mind. If it is still not clear to you and you need help ... we will be delighted to make your radio spots ourselves. Contact us for more information.