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Royalty Free Electronic Music Library | Copyright Free Electro Music for any kind creative audio-visual project. Set the scene with our selection of energetic and versatile electro songs. Both instrumental and vocal.
Professionally composed and recorded by Independent Artists for use in marketing, advertising, branding, Youtube and other film and media projects. Copyright Free sounds ready to download and use without additional fees.

What is electronic music?

Electronic music is the name given to music created with digital technology and musical instruments of an electronic nature.

Electronic music has its origins in the mid-20th century, initially considered a cultured musical style. Progressively, many creators were able to access electronic instruments and music production technology, as a consequence of their lower prices. Because of this, what started out as a cult music genre went on to become a popular music genre.

Royalty Free Electronic Music

Here we offer you a great selection of royalty free electronic music without copyright. Energy, strength, intensity and modern. Those four ingredients blend seamlessly into electronic music. An ideal mix to convey all those qualities in your production.

We offer you a selection of our catalogue of royalty free electronic music in different styles that can be classified within electronic music. Using copyright-free electronic music is undoubtedly a great choice for any audiovisual or advertising production that wants to have strength while transmitting modernity and contemporaneity.

Created by independent artists and DJs specialised in electronic music production, Free Music Projects presents this selection of royalty free electronic music, among which we hope you find the perfect song for your production.

As it is electronic music without copyright, you will have no problems synchronising your music with your videos and uploading them to digital content platforms such as YouTube. By licensing a music song without Copyright through Free Music Projects you will be acquiring certain rights over the work, so you can use it freely in your audiovisual and advertising productions without fear that your work will be rejected due to copyright or royalty issues. Just listen, select the license type and download. Without thinking about anything else!

Download Electronic Music Songs

Downloading electronic music songs gives us possibilities that other musical styles do not. By using electronic music in our videos or advertising projects, we are adding an important ingredient of power to our production. The speed and intensity of this type of music makes it indispensable in the production of sports videos, fashion and advertising of many products and services with a defined target audience of young people. 

We recommend listening to the widest possible selection of electronic music songs available here. It is created by international producers with great prestige on and off the commercial scene. You will appreciate the quality and professionalism of these incredible producers when you start listening to and enjoying our electronic music songs. As an added value, they are all free of royalties and without copyright, which is a great opportunity to be able to use music of this extremely high quality without any copyright problems. You will be able to listen to electronic vocal songs with outstanding professional singers, and electronic instrumental songs. Listen and enjoy!