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Free royalty free music. Here we offer you a selection of free royalty-free songs. Free royalty free music for videos and personal uses. You simply register and download any of these songs for free. Downloading free music online in MP3 format has never been easier! Free music for YouTube videos and other video platforms. Licenses are limited to personal use. It would be appreciated that when using a song for free you link to this website.

You are working on an audio visual project and now you need a soundtrack for it! However, all the music you find convenient to support your visual material is protected by copyright, so you can't use it unless you don't mind the possibility of getting into a bit of a legal mess. What do you do?


Welcome to Free Music Projects, on this website you can find all the music you need and, most importantly, it is copyright free music that within this category, you can download for free. Yes, that's right! You can download all the music you want because it is copyright free music for use in your videos and YouTube.


Download Free Royalty-Free music

At Free Music Project we share royalty free music so you can have it when you need it. Feel free to download all the music you want, because you don't have to worry about the copyright of the music you download. We have a huge library of music content so you can download everything you need for your audio visual projects.

Copyright will no longer be a problem because at Free Music Projects you can download copyright free songs.

What is Free Music Projects?

This is a common project of several composers and producers of the audio visual sector, who have curated and offered copyright-free music since they came together in 2011. Our idea and objective is to help entrepreneurs and other audio visual and creative producers by offering real alternatives to the complications of copyrighted music options. We offer a viable option to guarantee access to music and use in various projects. In this way, we have a broad spectrum of clients from all sectors.

Similarly, we offer 8 channels of background music that are updated each week, classified by style and genre. More than 10,000 original tracks that have been created by professional composers and producers from all over the world, and most importantly, always copyright free.

The issue of copyright is a somewhat controversial issue. It is interesting to know the consequences we can face when it comes to material such as music, which in many cases has copyright which we may be violating without even knowing it. And above all, we must be ethical and considerate of the creators of these contents that we are using.

Copyright music - What is it?

In short, it is about intellectual property rights. A set of rights, which corresponds to the authors and owners responsible for the creation and compensation of an artistic work. This law is recognized by the government and with it the artists protect their interests in case their work is used without proper compensation and permission.

So be careful if you use copyrighted music! Depending on the case, you may be breaking the law and that can have serious consequences.

Public domain music - What is it?

On the contrary, we have public domain music, which is nothing more than music that is not protected by these copyrights and can be used legally and freely. In many cases, it is music that's copyright has expired after 70 years, after the death of the artist or that the rights have not been transmitted.

It is therefore music that we can use freely as we want.

Creative Commons License

Thanks to the fact that many creators do not agree with all rights are reserved, a non-profit community has emerged that disseminates copyright licenses for free, they also offer legal and technical tools that facilitate the exchange of creative works, and management for those artists who wish to put their works in the public domain before the expiration of copyright. In short, these are legal tools that creators and owners use to offer certain rights to the general public, while others are reserved.