royalty free background music for Gyms

Background Music for Gyms

The music for your Gymnasium that you've been looking for!

We provide you with a legal alternative to the PRS, ASCAP, SESAC, BMI... and performance rights organizations

You can enjoy our royalty free background service in any type of gym, sports centre or other venue

Enhances the workout experience of your customers and saves you money with our 100% copyright free music

We provide background music to all kinds of gyms and businesses
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Wellness & FitnessWellness & Fitness
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Our offer includes 8 royalty free background music channels, meticulously selected by our team, which adapt to wide variety of gym and venue needs. Choose from one of our channels and create an ambience perfect for your location and your clientele.

You can choose from two options, according to your needs: MULTICHANNEL and PREMIUM.

Choose your background music planMultiChannelPremium
100% Copyright Freeyesyes
Official Certificateyesyes
No Hardware Requiredyesyes
Access to all Channelsyesyes
Online Broadcastyesyes
No Adsyesyes
Frequent Updatesyesyes
Custom Playlistnoyes
Integration of jingles and voiceoversnoyes
USB physical deviceOptionalOptional
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Once you have made payment for the service you will recieve a Certificate evidencing that you do not have an obligation to pay fees to any performance rights organizations.

All the music from our catalog is created by artists who have decided voluntarily not to belong to any performance rights organizations, and therefore their work is not managed by those organizations.

How it works background music

To use our system you just need a device with an Internet connection and to connect that device to an audio system. Then, simply access your user account and click on one of our In-Store players. Your chosen music will play instantly in your Gym or Sports Centre.

No need to install any software!

Our offer is based on the total area of your business
Less than 50m2
Less than 50m2
€ 42/YEAR tax exc Buy It
From 51m2 to 100m2
From 51m2 to 100m2
€ 72/YEAR tax exc Buy It
From 101m2 to 400m2
From 101m2 to 400m2
€ 92/YEAR tax exc Buy It
From 401m2 to 1000m2
From 401m2 to 1000m2
€ 192/YEAR tax exc Buy It
* For locations of more than 1000m2 and businesses with more than 5 shops please, contact us.

Using music for gyms is essential. It may be one of the businesses where using ambient music is most necessary. New trends in the gyms and the fitness sector means music plays a leading role today. Unlike in the past, a gym without music nowadays is unconceivable!

Background music for gyms

As we have explained, background music for gyms and sports spaces is essential. Free Music Projects offers a range of music streaming channels. In most cases, the same channel is used by both gyms and fashion stores. It is the ‘electronic’ channel. This channel is carefully curated and set up with House, Deep House, Electro Chill, Dance music, including 80% vocal songs. This makes this channel a unique tool when used as gym music, because in a fast and economical way, you can sound a gym or fitness centre with top quality music produced in the latest styles. We also should not forget that this gym music will be completely exempt from payments to copyright management entities. Our clients save a lot of money on royalties and copyrights by using our music.

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By using our royalty free background music streaming service for gyms, you can save up to 90% with regard to copyright. It is a high quality and economical option for any gym or sports space. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service, where we will happily answer your questions.