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Chill Out

Royalty Free Chill Out Music | Copyright Free Chill and Lounge Music for any kind of advertising, media projects and public events. No additional fees.
Professionally composed tracks by Independent Artists from across the globe. No copyright sounds for videos, Youtube, short films, feature films, documentaties, advertising and other media projects.Simply buy, download any Chill Out or Lounge style tune for your immediate use in your personal or business project.

What is Chill Out music?

Chill Out music is a contemporary music genre that is characterised by disseminating relaxing atmospheres. It mixes both electronic sounds (loops, synthesizers, samples, electronic instruments) with real instruments, whether wind (flute, sax, accordion, harmonica) strings (mainly guitars and violins) or percussions ... The word Chill itself means to relax! The origin of this modern musical genre is London at the beginning of the 90's, where a trend emerged in different clubs, bars and restaurants of the English capital introducing this new musical style.

Here we offer you a wide selection of royalty free chill out music, in all the different moods that chill out offers, from the most electronic to the completely acoustic. You can download royalty free chill out songs in high quality MP3 format for your videos and professional projects. Let yourself be seduced by Chill Out and enjoy our selection!

What types of Chill Out are there?

Let’s take a tour of the different types of Chill Out music that exist today:

  • Ambient: Atmospheric and environmental music that transports us to open spaces and nature. Percussion in this style of music is practically non-existent.
  • Ambient Dub: Atmospheric and ambient music with Jamaican essence. Mystical music that takes us to Jamaica.
  • Lounge Music: Music with modern and elegant rhythms. It is a style of Chill Out music derived from Bossa Nova, Pop, Dub and even Jazz.
  • Beach Music: A musical style derived from the most modern and sophisticated Chill Out. It takes us to the beach for sunrise and sunset. Many bars, terraces and modern restaurants have made this musical style their anthem and have achieved infused their own style.
  • Different styles: We find Chill Out linked to other musical styles such as Flamenco, Rock, Jazz with styles emerging such as Chill Flamenco, Chill Jazz... and any other type of musical fusion that we imagine.

Royalty Free Chill Out Songs

Here you will find an extensive selection of royalty free and copyright free Chill-Out songs, for use in any type of audio visual, advertising or other production.

Chill our music is probably the musical style of which we have the most selection. For many years we have been working on the construction of a complete catalogue of royalty free Chill Out songs for professional use. Dozens of professional independent musicians, composers and producers from around the world have participated in the construction of this music library, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to offer this wide selection of Chill-Out & Lounge music for all types of professional and personal uses.

The elegance, style and unique atmosphere that a Chill-Out song brings to a project is priceless. Royalty Free Chill-Out & Lounge Music without Copyright, Licensed (with rights included) and ready to use in professional projects. Nothing more to required.

Download Royalty Free Chill Out Music

If you finally decide to download songs from our Chill Out library, we suggest using the left side filter to quickly find the song that best suits your project. You can filter your selection by duration, tempo, vocal or instrumental, if it is loopable or not and by feelings, which are the adjectives that best define each of the songs. Then, you can download the copyright free Chill out song that best suits your project in a matter of seconds. Listen, select the song, your music license and download! It really is that simple.