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Royalty Free Ambient Music | Copyright Free Ambient and Meditation Music for all audio-visual and radio projects and events. Adverising and media, coporate content and branding, personal projects, film and cinema, public events.
Relaxing and calming tracks composed by our portfolio of experienced Independant Artists, ready to download and use in your project, free of copyright and addtional fees. Simply buy, download, use.

Royalty Free Ambient Music

Here you will find a large selection of high-quality Royalty Free Ambient Music, Environmental Music or Mood Music, for use as background music for videos, television ads, radio, YouTube videos and all kinds of advertising and multimedia productions. Ambient music will give your project that sense of calm and relaxation that we often look for.

In this case, we offer a section of royalty free ambient music and copyright free mood music which can be used simply and quickly, without complications or additional costs, in any audio visual or advertising project. You can download any of these songs with license to use as mood music, ambient music or relaxation music in all kinds of projects.

What is Ambient Music?

Ambient music or Mood music can be described as a musical genre focused on the atmospheres and sensations that it generates through musical elements such as structure, rhythm or melodies. Ambient music is designed to exist in the background, without the listener noticing. However, it should be very attractive in the event that the listener or public focus their attention on it. You could say that it is the style of music most listened to, without consciously being heard.

Where to Use Ambient and Relaxing Music?

You can use ambient music in any video or project in which you want to convey a scene or feeling of peace and tranquillity.

On many occasions, we can generate contrasts using ambient music in action scenes, or more dynamic music in scenes of tranquillity, in order to get the attention of the public, viewer or consumer.

By generating this type of environment and creating pleasant and relaxing atmospheres, you will make the production transmit peace and tranquillity and invite reflection.

If what you are looking for is ambient music for shops, we recommend you visit the Royalty Free Background Music section. Here you can preview our online streaming service of environmental and ambient music for all types of businesses and establishments.

Ambient Music and Environmental Music Advantages

Here are the FIVE main advantages of using Ambient Music or Environmental Music:

  1. Reduce stress: In fact, ambient music is sometimes called relaxing music. When we listen to instrumental environmental music, our mind is isolated from everything including stress.
  2. It transmits peace, tranquillity and security. Using ambient music in productions, we evoke in our audience these sensations and they are linked to our video, brand, product or service.
  3. Meditation. We will isolate ourselves without realising it thanks to music. The focus of the target audience is on the message we want to give.
  4. Ambient music doesn't normally carry percussions. It will facilitate our idea and message to be heard loud and clear.
  5. Ambient music will generate contrasts in advertising, since almost all the music we hear today is rhythmic. Using ambient music in our video, advertising spot or radio ad is like finding an oasis in the desert. This will make target audience pay more attention.

Free Ambient Music

If you want to use free ambient music, we offer a selection of free royalty free ambient music without copyright. This music can be downloaded for free for personal and non-commercial uses. You can download this music in our Free Royalty Free Music section.