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Royalty Free Pop Songs

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Origin of Pop Music

Pop music originates from the 1950s in the UK. It is a simplification of different musical styles, making a simple and popular style of music, hence the word Pop. The precursor of Pop-Art was Andy Warhol, which is why it is said that he is also the architect of the birth of Pop music.

Among the main characteristics of pop music, it is music with simple structures, and songs of short duration, between two and four minutes most of the time. Easy rhythms on drums, use of bass, guitars and keyboards, are some of the other identifiable characteristic elements of pop music today.

ESince it's creation, the genre gradually developed, finding its splendour in artists such as Michael Jackson (The King of Pop) and Madona (The Queen of Pop), without forgetting the singer Cher, who also marked her era. When speaking of music groups/bands, the Beatles are at the top of Pop music, considering their music was a source from which all artists that have emerged (and will emerge) after them draw inspiration.