Free Sound Effects

A selection of free sound effects for musical and audiovisual productions. Here you will find royalty free sound effects under the following catagories; nature sound effects, people sound effects, transport and communication sound effects, sports sound effects, as well as many others.

Simply download the sound effects you require, completely free and completely without copyright. Register now and download sound effects for your videos and musical productions.


  • Water Sounds

    Download Free Water Sounds for videos and audiovisual projects. Download water sounds without copyright and royalty-free and free water effects.

  • Nature Sounds

    Download Free Royalty Free Nature Sounds. Nature Sounds and Effects Royalty-Free for all types of videos, and personal or commercial uses.

  • Animal Sounds

    Download free animal sounds and free effects. Copyright free sounds of the animal world. Copyright free sounds for use in videos, Youtube and audiovisual projects.

  • Transportation Sounds

    Download free and royalty-free transport sounds for all kinds of productions. Copyright free sounds of Cars, Planes, Trains, Boats, Motorcycles ... to use in your videos and advertising projects.

  • Sounds of people

    Download sounds of people free and royalty free for all kinds of productions. Sounds without Copyright of People, in public spaces, children, babies ... to use in your videos and advertising projects.

  • Ambient Sounds

    Environmental sounds | Copyright-free environmental sounds and royalty-free environmental sounds for videos and advertising. Download free environmental sounds and royalty-free effects.

What are Sound Effects?

Sound effects are those sensations produced in our ear caused by a vibration or movement. It can be water or air, and produced naturally or artificially. They are two types of sound effects: the effects applied to the sound (audio effects) and the sound effects themselves

The effects applied to the sound are intended to process the sounds and modify them. This means a sound can be adapted to a specific project, obtaining the ideal characteristics and a creating a special sound for a specific purpose. Today, these effects are applied digitally, which means we can have originality in our projects when song, sound and sound effects are used.

What are the different types of sound effects?

Here we leave a list of the main sound effect types. Each can be modified, within different parameters, to yeild different types of effects and results:

  • Dynamic Effects: Distortion, compressors, limiters ... These are effects that make our sound perfect within the overall mix of a song.
  • Space-Time Effects: Reverberation, Echo (Delay)… These are the most used effects in music.
  • Modulation effects: Flanger, Tremolo, Chorus, Phaser ...
  • Spectrum effects: Equalization and panorama changes are in this category.

Now that we have talked about effects applied to sounds, we must talk about sounds obtained from the environment. Whether created artificially, naturally, or recorded directly from nature or non- manipulated environments.

Free Sound Effects

Here we offer hundreds of free of charge and royalty free sound effects, ready to download and include in all types of professional or personal videos and projects. They have been classified into the following catagories; nature sounds, people sounds, communications and transport sounds, sports sounds or sports environments and technological sounds. Other sound effect catagories will gradually be introduced, based on the needs of all users.

We have curated this selection of sound effects, not with the intention of creating a sound library with millions of files to download, but to create a basic selection of the most used sound effects in videos and productions. This is a streamlined and effective resource. Fast and simple for all users who want to take advantage of it.

We hope it is extremely useful. Remember that these are all royalty free sound effects, free for use and completely free of charge.