Licenses and Uses - Royalty Free Music

1Class A LicenseUses: Background music websites, banner ads, blogs,podcasts, social media platforms (personal accounts), non-commercial multimedia presentations, (non-commercial) theatre performances, phone calls on hold and answering machines.
Duplication: No.
Duration: Unlimited.
Territorial Scope: Worldwide
Monetization Videos: No.
Character: Nonexclusive and nontransferable license.
Price 9€ - 12€ - 19€ (Rate according to the song).

2Class B License

Uses: Advertising on television and / or radio (local), music tv header and / or radio (local), social media platforms (professional accounts), documentaries, short films, commercial multimedia presentations, corporate videos, theater performances (commercial) and public events.
Duplication: Up to 1000 copies.
Duration: Unlimited.
Territorial Scope: Worldwide.
Monetization Videos: Yes.
Character: Nonexclusive and nontransferable license.
Price:  29€ - 39€ - 49€ (Rate according to the song).

3Class C License

Uses: Advertising on television and / or radio (national), music television header and / or radio (national), feature films and video games. 
Duplication: More than 1000 copies. 
Duration: Unlimited. 
Territorial Scope: Worldwide.
Monetization Videos: Yes.
Carácter: Nonexclusive and nontransferable license.
Price:  99€* - 149€* - 199€* (Rate according to the song).

**Ask for international advertising as well as composition with exclusive licenses.

4In-Store Music License

Uses: Background music of establishments and public spaces.
Duration: The License has a twelve month duration. 
Territorial Scope: Worldwide.
Character: Nonexclusive and nontransferable license.
Price: Rates depends on thee blobal size of the shop.


Class AClass BClass C
Background music Websites, Banner ads, Podcasts, Blogs.
Audiovisual and Multimedia Productions
Multimedia Presentations (Non-Commercial)Multimedia Presentations, Corporate videos
Corporate videos
Public Events
Commercial Events
TV, Radio and Films
Advertising (local)
Music for Radio (local)
Advertising (National)
Music for Radio (National)
Public Broadcasting
Theatre Performances (Non-commercial)Theatre Performances (Commercial)
(Visit Background Music section for more information)
Up to 1000 Copies (CD, DVD)More than 1000 Copies

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