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What is Royalty Free Music?

We call ‘Royalty Free Music’ the music that is created by authors who have decided, of their own accord and for various motives, not to form part of any rights management entity (i.e. SGAE, SACM, SACEM, SAICO/ACIMPRO, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAM, SIAE, SPA, GEMA). Since these songs, and their respective music catalogues, are not part of any rights management entity, users of the royalty free songs are not legally bound to pay the fees normally imposed by these entities.

This allows us to work with royalty free music quickly and safely. Our clients can download copyright free songs instantly, with the guarantee that the music will not impose any legal problems or additional fees in the future. All this at a very low price while also saving a lot of time by not having to perform procedures to obtain permits in order to get the rights of use to a particular song.

Royalty free music is an optimal, cost-effective, modern and fair solution for the use of music in professional and digital environments. The author receives fair compensation, in addition to having the opportunity to participate in professional projects that they would not have otherwise.

Therefore, we believe that the use of royalty free music licenses, both for commercial and personal uses and for audio visual projects or music to sound commercial establishments, is a definitive solution. The use of royalty free music is no longer an alternative, but the first choice solution for a large majority of users.

What is Free Music Projects?

Free Music Projects is a company created in 2012, specialising in sourcing and managing royalty free music. We currently have a musical catalogue of more than 25,000 songs, all completely free of copyright and without royalties. It is a royalty free music library created with songs of all styles: pop, rock, chill-out, classical, electronic, house, techno, ambient, new age, background music, jazz, corporate, epic, public domain, christmas, flamenco and more...

We provide musical licenses for any type of use: music for television commercials, music for radio ads, music for video games, music for corporate videos, music for series, music for documentaries, music for YouTube videos and of course background music for commercial establishments. The uses of royalty free music are countless and the advantages are endless. You will save a lot of money if you decide to start using royalty free music. Free Music Projects can help you find the best musical solution for your business or audio visual project.

What music can I use in videos and on Youtube?

Nowadays, the copyright policies of YouTube and other audio visual platforms are very restrictive. This is due to growing support from international organisations and the rights management entities we mentioned earlier. The new digital era has forced global measures to protect the copyright of all types of creators.

Copyright free music for YouTube is the best solution to use music on this platform. This is because the platform itself will reject your video if you do not have the necessary rights to match with the music in your video and to publish it on the network. Music without royalty or copyright will be the fastest and most economical option if you do not want YouTube to reject your video after all the work you have done.

How can I tell if music is royalty free?

The reality is that it is very difficult to know whether or not a song has Copyright. By default, and from the moment of its creation, every song has Copyright. We can assume that 99.9% of songs have Copyright. There are tools to search for a certain song and to inform you whether or not it has Copyright, but the reality is that if it does not appear in the search it can simply mean that it is not in that database, and not precisely that it is free of Copyright. That is why, to remove all doubt, we recommend using our royalty free music from our copyright free music catalogue as we can guarantee, having signed an agreement directly with the author, that the music is completely copyright free.

Where can I find free Royalty Free Music?

Free Music Projects offers a small section of free royalty free music, which is offered exclusively under Personal and Non-Commercial Use Licenses. Naturally and reasonably, composers who create professional quality music want and deserve economic compensation for it in order to continue creating and composing. Precisely because of this, the higher the quality of music, the more difficult it will be to find free royalty free music.

Why purchase royalty free music from Free Music Projects?

Since 2012 we have worked in the audio visual sector offering royalty free music for all types of projects. We have aquired enough experience to help you choose the best musical solution for your situation.

Buying copyright free music from our catalogue has many advantages, but the most important is simplicity. In just a few minutes you can find, select, pay and download the song and your License.

With our background music for business service, again, simplicity and usability are the main advantages. In just a few minutes you can obtain a Certificate to use royalty free music in your establishment or business.

Personalised Attention and Service

At Free Music Projects, we don't want to be just another copyright free music library. We want to differentiate ourselves by offering a completel personalised music service, tailored to your needs.

For any clarification or advice,please contact us through the contact form on our website and we will get in touch with you shortly. If you prefer, you can also contact us by phone.

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