Royalty Free Flamenco Music | The best selection of Copyright Free Flamenco Songs only available from Free Music Projects. 
Flamenco Music is at the heart of Spanish Culture, and it is as much a style of music as it is an art form in its own right. Traditional Spanish Guitar Music can add a truly original flavour to your project. So get creative! Soundtrack your personal or professional project with these extraordinary and versatile Flamenco songs.
The highest quality Flamenco Music, created by professional musicians from Andalucía, Spain. These songs are perfect for high quality creative projects. In our catalog you can find songs of all flamenco styles: bulería, fandango, soleá, alegría... 

Royalty Free Flamenco Music

Here you will find a selection of royalty free flamenco songs, free of copyright, to use in any type of video, audiovisual or advertising production.

Our repertoire of flamenco songs without copyright has been created exclusively for professional use, by leading Andalusian producers, with many years experience in the composition, production and interpretation of flamenco.

We invite you to listen to our selection of copyright free flamenco songs, where you can choose the most suitable song for your project. Without a doubt, the quality of these songs will give your project the strength it deserves.