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The music for your Store that you've been looking for!

We provide you with a legal alternative to the PRS, ASCAP, SESAC, BMI... and performance rights organizations

You can enjoy our royalty free background service in any type of shopping centre or commercial venue

Enhances the experience of your customers and tenants while lowering costs with our 100% royalty free music

We provide background music to all kinds of stores, shopping centres, malls and other businesses
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Our offer includes 5 royalty free background music channels, meticulously selected by our team, which adapt to wide variety of stores and venue needs. Choose from our channels and create an ambience perfect for your location, customers and tenants.

You can choose from two options, according to your needs: MULTICHANNEL and PREMIUM.

Choose your background music planMultiChannelPremium
100% Copyright Freeyesyes
Official Certificateyesyes
No Hardware Requiredyesyes
Access to all Channelsyesyes
Online Broadcastyesyes
No Adsyesyes
Frequent Updatesyesyes
Custom Playlistnoyes
Integration of jingles and voiceoversnoyes
USB physical deviceOptionalOptional
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Once you have made payment for the service you will recieve a Certificate evidencing that you do not have an obligation to pay fees to any performance rights organizations.

All the music from our catalog is created by artists who have decided voluntarily not to belong to any performance rights organizations, and therefore their work is not managed by those organizations.

How it works background music

To use our system you just need a device with an Internet connection and to connect that device to an audio system. Then, simply access your user account and click on one of our In-Store players. Your chosen music will play instantly in your venue.

No need to install any software!

Our offer is based on the total area of your business
Less than 50m2
Less than 50m2
€ 42/YEAR tax exc Buy It
From 51m2 to 100m2
From 51m2 to 100m2
€ 72/YEAR tax exc Buy It
From 101m2 to 400m2
From 101m2 to 400m2
€ 92/YEAR tax exc Buy It
From 401m2 to 1000m2
From 401m2 to 1000m2
€ 192/YEAR tax exc Buy It
* For locations of more than 1000m2 and businesses with more than 5 stores please, contact us.

Music for stores is essential to the customer experience and in the energisation of the point of sale. Here we answer some questions about the use of background music in stores.

Why use music for Stores?

When music is used in stores, the customer's experience is completely transformed. With the use of music, the client experiences positive sensations in a pleasant atmosphere, which provides confidence for consumption. Recent studies have shown that consumer behavior in a store with music is completely different in a store without music. Some studies have shown that the use of music for businesses can increase sales by up to 30%. This data, facilitated by experimental studies of neuromarketing, makes it clear that the use of music for businesses is extremely positive. Positive both for the user experience and for the employees of the trade, since they work in a more pleasant and positive environment, which also improves interpersonal relationships within the company.

What kind of music should be used in stores?

There are different parameters to decide what type of music to use in stores. These include the product to be sold, the type of business, the time of day... Each case and situation is different. The optimal choice of music will depend on your particular situation and the variables to consider include; the rhythm of the music, the speed, the style, lyrical or instrumental... these factors can help increase sales, depending on the type of trade you are in. As a rule, PopRock is the most versatile musical style to best suit most businesses. However, as we said before, it will depend on different factors to find both the style and the specific songs for a given trade or store.

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Setting up our royalty free background music service for stores is very simple. Simply follow the steps indicated by the system! Alternatively, get in touch with us and we will take care of everything.