Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

>>What is royalty free music and what is its use?

"Royalty free music" is music created by composers whose works are not managed by any royalty collecting society (ASCAP, SGAE, BMI…).
This is music composed and produced especially for professional use, which gives you rights of use, as defined by each type of license offered by FREE MUSIC PROJECTS.

>>Why buy royalty free music?

To support independent artists, pay for the rights of using of their work and to exlude you from any obligation to pay fees to any royalty collecting society. If you want to use legally NON royalty free music for any project or public space, you must contact the society that manages the music and pay the corresponding fee. This can be complex, expensive and time consuming.

Buying royalty free music at from FREE MUSIC PROJECTS you will save time and money: 
- Time: download your music and license instantly, saving you all procedures with royalty collecting societies.
- Money: You pay for your music download once and use forever, not having to do periodic payments for the use of the music. Our live streaming options for public spaces are also very cost effective.

Music Licensing

>>What kind of license should I buy?

You must choose the license type depending on the intended use for the music. FREE MUSIC PROJECTS offers you three types of licenses (A, B, C). We suggest you read our Licenses and uses section, where you can find the information you need to choose which license class is the most appropiate for your projects.
For more information, questions or concerns please contact us via our Customer Service.


>>How I can pay? 

Select the payment method you want: 
a. Bank card. Pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, CB...) or private credit card. Selecting this payment method the download of your files is automatic and instantaneous. (Recommended). 
b. PayPal. Pay through your PayPal account, a fast and secure way to pay online. Selecting this payment method you can also download files instantly.
c. Bank transfer.
 Selecting this payment method you will receive an email with details of the bank transfer. (Only Europe).

>>Security of payments

For security reasons, we do not retain your bank information. At no time do we have details about your card number or bank data. 
Any credit card payment will be made through a secure provider (SSL). Your data will be encrypted before being transmitted to the bank.

What format is download music?
The music that you download is high quality MP3 (320 kbps). If you want your music on CD or in another format please contact us.

Other Services

>>Do you compose original music and create custom music for projects?

Yes. We are composers and producers and we work on all kinds of marketing music projects: brand music, commercials, soundtracks, documentaries... 
If you are interested contact us and tell us about your projects.

>>Hello, I am a composer and I would like include my music in your royalty free music library.

The only requirement to include your music in our royalty free music library is that you do not belong to any royalty collecting society. To join our team of composers, contact us through:

Never send your music to us directly, send us a link where we can listen to your music.. If we are interested in including your work in our catalogue, we will contact with you.