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Corporate Music

Corporate Music | Royalty Free Corporate Music for audiovisual and advertising projects. Corporate music, which inspires various aspects of business, created for all types of videos, training, think-tanks, presentations, advertising, websites, events online platforms and intranets. For companies, brands, products, and all kinds of commercial events.
Engage your staff or clients by delivering your message in a memorable way through the use of video and music.

Royalty Free Corporate Music

In this song bank you can download royalty free corporate music without copyright and free of any additional charges. At Free Music Projects, since the very beginning, we have worked hard to create an important selection of corporate music for videos. For years we have specialised in the composition of personalised music for companies, jungles, musical logos, corporate branding, radio, television and YouTube ads. We have participated in hundreds of advertising campaigns and created personalised corporate music for many companies, with success stories in companies that are now very well known.

In our library of royalty free corporate music, you will find songs of all kinds, which can easily be adapted to your project. All of the tracks have been created by professional composers, who have participated in many advertising campaigns all over the world.

Use the options on the left-hand side to filter and quickly locate the corporate music that best suits your project. You can be sure to find the music that best defines the image of your company, product or brand. If you need advice, or the composition of a completely personalised song for your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Corporate Music and what is it used for?

Corporate music is music created specifically for use in the business world, with the intention of projecting a professional image in accordance with the corporate identity of a company, product or service. 

The use of corporate music is fundamentally professional: company videos, advertisements (radio, television, YouTube, Instagram and any type of social networks), conferences, presentations, and as a corporate musical logo. We talk about musical logos when we create a specific song for a company, and it is used on all platform where music is needed; i.e. phone calls on hold, such as mobile phone tone, switchboard music, TV spots, wedges radio, public events, institutional events ... this is how a company generates its own sound image, something that is crucial in the 21st century. A company that can be easily identified in just two or three seconds by the opening of a corporate song, is immensely valuable for its brand. If the company has enough resources to be able to afford the personalised composition of corporate music, we certainly recommend it. If you want the composition of a corporate musical logo, do not hesitate and contact us. We offer music with an Exclusive Use License for all parts of the world.

How to choose music for a corporate video?

First of all, you must make sure you have the right license to use the music in your video. You must take into account that the use of music at a professional level is a different jurisdiction to the use of music as a personal user, therefore we must always comply with the licensing requirements for the professional use of music. For example, YouTube will reject your video and even take further action if you do not have the necessary rights to the music that is synchronized to your video. We recommend using non-copyrighted music for corporate videos, as it will save you money and, above all, time. You can also find some royalty free copyright songs completely free and ready to download and use.

The choice of the song will be based on the corporate identity of each organisation and what you want to convey in that particular video. Speed, rhythm, melody and duration are the variables that will make a corporate music song suitable or not for your video.