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Atmospheric track with pulsating and hypnotic electronic sounds. Highly suitable for technology, corporate, documentaries and much more.

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15,70 €

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Height Quick, Medium-Quick
DepthFrom 2´ to 3´
FeelingsEnérgica, Action, Apasionada, Moderna, Electrónica, Urbana, Motivacional, Tecnológica, Persecución, Inquietante, Futurista
Video ThemeSport & Fitness, Science and Industry, Technology

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newscast, broadcast, lurking, cnn, current affairs, bulletin, announcement, current, reporter, computers, report, robots, drum machines, cloudy, somber, high tech, mystical, dark, ominous, 2000s, 2000's, sports, news, presentation, night, driving, future, corporate, industrial, factory, power, energy, development, car, 21st century, machine, futuristic, suspense, intense, space, network, pulsating, drive, automatic, technology, internet, science, invention, innovation, technical, electronic, synthetic, laboratory, robot, machines, architecture, synthesizer, scientist, moving, automation, information, robotics, assembly line, process, orbit, silicon valley, spinning, circles, spiral, hi tech, sphere, hypnotizing, web, distorted, swirling, cycle, startup, power point, sequence, tech toys, how it works, new product, timelapse, computer game, data flow, stats, imagevideo, foggy, newsflash, synthesizers, breaking news, dismal, headline news, sequencer, event, occult, enigmatic, shadows, lurid, nefarious, newscaster, release, segment, news flash