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Straight and strong corporate pop with a positive and optimistic mood

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HeightMedium, Medium-Quick, Medium-Slow
DepthFrom 3´ to 4´
FeelingsApacible, Calmada, Dramática, Enigmática, Extraña, Futurista, Inquietante, Intimista, Melancólica, Misteriosa, Sensual, Suave, Suspense, Triste, Tranquila, Tecnológica, Urbana
Video ThemeScience and Industry, Technology, Time Lapse, Slow Motion, Documentary

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confident, bright, shimmering, pride, proud, warm, dream, floating, corporate, hope, optimistic, positive, rhythmic, pop, helping hands, giving, presentation, together, people, success, contemporary, energy, friends, living, motivation, inspiration, instrumental, charity, friendly, business, modern, green, common, good, new day, morning, today, granola, partnership, village, everyday, gift, better, teamwork, social, belief, sustainable, reaching, service, daybreak, amnesty international, greenpeace, community, society, association, campaign, big brothers big sisters, working together, side by side, united, nonprofit, find a way, fundraising, donation, neighborhoods, summer, piano