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Cinematic Piano 1


Acoustic piano track with a tender and determined mood. With large room sound and repetitive motif this sensitive music will fit for background music, cinematic, documentary, dramatic projects 

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15,70 €

Ficha técnica

Tempo Medio, Medio-Lento
Duración De 1´ a 2´
Loopable No
Feelings Acústica, Agradable, Apacible, Calmada, Intimista, Hipnótica, Tranquila, Suave
Vocal No


sentimental, dramatic, ambient, background, solo piano, quiet, lovely, sensitive, mellow, teary, warm, soft, calm, peaceful, melancholic, touching, tender, hopeful, caring, easy, serene, innocence, romance, love, loving, caring, sweet, gentle, angelic, dreamy, cinematic, movie, film, documentary