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Royalty Free Classical Music Library | Copyright Free Classical Music and Cinematic Music for any kind of advertising and media projects. Without additional fees.
Classical Music 100% Copyright Free for use in documentaries, short films, feature films, personal projects, business and corporate branding, radio advertising, television and more. Royalty Free Classical Music professionally composed by Independant Artists for your immediate use .

Royalty Free Classical Music

We believe that the use of royalty free classical music in any advertising campaign is always a guarantee of success. As they say ... the classics never die! And of course, they should not die. In addition, being exempt from copyright will expedite things for the creator or agency that produces the video or commercial.

Our royalty free and copyright free classical music catalogue encompasses two types of tracks: purely classical songs and songs with more modern orchestrations, in the contemporary soundtrack style, more focused on cinema. You will find songs in the purest Hollywood style alongside totally classic songs. You can also listen to and download famous songs of classical music (Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Bach), completely free of copyright, in the different music sections of our library.

In this library of classical music, you will find quiet songs, epic music, some with great force and others with a melancholic air. It is best to listen to the repertoire and be surprised! Royalty free classical music, ready to download, without copyright, in high quality MP3 format, and ready to use instantly in your project... what else can you ask for?

What is Classical Music?

Classical Music a musical genre that is born from the mixture of two types of music: European liturgical music and western profane music. The first music considered classical music was born in Europe in the eleventh century. Since then, classical music has transformed and evolved to the current classical music we know and love today. This process of transformation gave rise to fantastic periods of great musical beauty: Medieval music, Renaissance music, Baroque music, Romanticism and Contemporary music. We see how the Soundtrack of time has given us this legacy of which we are now truly privileged to be able to listen, enjoy and analyse. The perspective of time allows us to value and appreciate classical music as it truly deserves.

Download Royalty Free Classical Music

Here we offer you a library where you can download classical music in high quality MP3 format, with the User License included, and use it instantly in your project or production. You just have to listen and select the song, select the type of music license (according to the use you are going to make of the music) and complete the purchase and download process.

All the songs shown here are completely royalty free and without copyright, so you will not pay any additional fees, and you can upload your videos freely to YouTube or other digital platforms. Download royalty free classical music for your audiovisual projects today!