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Music for Youtube | Royalty Free Music for Youtube and Copyright Free Music for Youtube, without restrictions to upload to YouTube and without problems with Content ID filters. All the music on our website will be accepted by YouTube for use in both commercial and professional videos. Here we offer you a selection of our library with some of the best songs of all musical styles to upload to YouTube.

When you publish a video on YouTube which contains a song, there are cases in which we may be violating copyright, and that this may lead to consequences such as the removal of the video or even the closure of our channel on the platform (if this infraction happens repeatedly). However, we can use music on YouTube without infringing copyright. It is necessary to use music with Creative Commons licenses to avoid violating YouTube's policies.

How to upload music in a YouTube video?

When you upload a song in a YouTube video, the platform advises of possible options depending on the uses the video.

-       You can't use this song. This means that if you use it YouTube will end up silencing or blocking your video.

-       If you use this song... You will find the terms of use of the song in question in a video.

-       If you interpret a version... You have useful information in case you want to make some interpretation of that song.

For the last two options, we find that:

- The video you have created, with the song you have chosen, can be played in certain countries, as indicated. Another option is it can be viewed worldwide. Finally, there is the option that the video be blocked in certain countries for using that song.

- In addition, it indicates that the video we have created may contain ads and thus be monetized. Given the option "No ads can appear", we find that the profits will go to the author. However, if we find "Ads may appear", it will indicate that you can obtain economic benefits thanks to the video, that these will be shared with the copyright owner of the song we have used.

Finally, if the song we have searched for does not appear, it will mean that the owner has not specified the treatment and did not require monetization and that the song may be used in any way, without infringing the copyright. This does not take away that in the future, the author or owner changes the conditions.

In Free Music Projects you will find royalty-free music for use in YouTube videos. These songs are copyright free amd may be used without problem in any video without being restricted by their copyright. Do not miss our free royalty free song section to download.

Music for Monetised Videos on Youtube

Many users of our royalty-free music wonder if they can monetise videos on Youtube when using music downloaded from Free Music Projects. The answer is yes, as long as the appropriate License is purchased. In this case, to have the ability to monetise YouTube videos with our music, you must select a Class B License or Class C License, as they grant the option of commercial use.

Therefore, if you want to use music and monetise your videos on YouTube, simply elect a Class B License or Class C License.